Growth, Saturation, and physical activity

Oxygen delivery system:  as shown in   figure 13.1, even during “anaerobic” activities of a few seconds duration, aerobic energy turnover makes some contribution, which is facilitated by the O2 transport system. obviously, the longer the exercise period, the more critical the O2 transport becomes. in a short-term anaerobic exercise bout, the O2 delivery system Does […]

Lung Function, Respiration

Lung Function, Respiration The inspiratory muscles consist of the diaphragm, scalene muscles, and external intercostal muscles. Their contraction lowers (flattens) the diaphragm and raises and expands the chest, thus expanding the lungs. Inspiration is therefore active. The external intercostal muscles and accessory respiratory muscles are activated for deep breathing. During expiration, the diaphragm and other […]

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